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Who I am / My current artistic work

N° SIRET  81812512200031


  Ambre Kalène is a Swiss-French Artist-Author born in 1957 of a Swiss father and a gypsy mother. A double origin which allows her to associate rigor and creative freedom. For many years, she worked as a conceptor-editor-illustrator in advertising for renowned agencies such as: Publicis, Carré noir, Singulier, etc. At the same time, she became a Naturopath. A practice that she evolves until she founds the EPRTH™, a therapy that aims to put in coherence the primary biological brain (unconscious) and the cortex (conscious). A technique she has been teaching to health professionals, for over 20 years. She is also the Author of several books on natural health, as well as psychological and philosophical novels, and screenplays.

  She starts to exhibit in 1986 at the Trinité gallery (Lyon) at first figurative watercolors of the city, then quickly her work evolves towards misty landscapes of Dombes, more subjective than realistic. She will then be interested in pastels with which she will realize large formats all named "Mirrors". This work should lead the viewer to perceive theirs deep inner emotions. Since these last years, Ambre Kalène dedicates her artistic work to her main preoccupation: the safeguard of Nature, of the environment, by presenting on large formats, the mixed works in the current of the Art-Ecologique. A work on the unconscious which displays on the same space what it is necessary to preserve and what harms it. For this she uses 2 techniques, acrylic for the top of the painting and oil, much more present, for the bottom of the painting. Over time, the person who looks at the painting only "sees" the colored part, but her unconscious mind associates the two and allows her inner ecological evolution.


Some references:

  • - 1986 à 1989 Galerie Trinité (Lyon – France)

  • - 1990 « Les indépendants » Grand-Palais (Paris - France), rétrospective Van Gogh

  • - 1992 11th in the National Contest Lefranc-Bourgeois

  • - 1996 Prize of the International exhibition of Uckange

  • - 1999 Library of Paulhan/Media library Pézenas/Médias Forum Béziers/Museum of frontignan/House of arts of Pézenas

  • - 2000 1er Carrefour des Arts (Hérault – France)

  • - 2000 Carrefour des Arts/Anim’Art (Le Pouget – France)

  • - 2003 « les indépendants » (Paris – France)

  • - 2004 – 2008 Permanent exhibition Gallery 64 (Lausanne – Suisse)

  • - 2006 Hôtel Mövenpick (Genève - Suisse)

  • - 2007 Galerie Gensdhommes (La Chaux-de-Fonds – Suisse)

  • - 2010 – 2012 Exhibitions with SSFA (Soc. of Women Artists in the Visual Arts – CH)

  • - 2019 Paris, in the context of artists' studios in the 15th Arrondissement

  • - 2020 DAGAZART, virtual exhibition on Second Life.

Her paintings is available on :


Incoming exhibitions :

july/zugust 2022 Arts au chapitre (Châteaumeillant – France),

april 2023 Espace Art Gallery Rue de Laeken 83, 1000 Bruxelles (Belgium).

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